Tuesday, May 4, 2010


well, it has been several weeks since I have been able to run pain free - my last good run workout was the 14 x 800 track workout I did on 4/15 - that is exactly 3 weeks ago today. I was able to get through a 25 minute jog this morning without too much pain.

the good news is - I have been able to ride/lift/swim in the mean time but it is not the same as running. I am not sure how my body is going to react to running 50 miles when I have not run in such a long time. I am hoping I can get a few runs in prior to the race just to get the run feeling back in my legs.

I am not sure how the race will turn out but I am not changing my plan because I have not been running - I am going for it - I am going to go out fast, try to settle into a good 8:30 pace and see how long I can hold it.

I am going to try and reduce the amount of time in pit stops again this year and try to use some pacers to my advantage if possible. I would like to finish the 50 miles in about 7 hours. If I can get through the first 30 in 4:15 or so I think I should be good to go. I am prepared to have the second half be a little slower but I am going to keep pushing.

I may not win this year but I am going to make someone hurt if they are going to beat me. My crew is going to be awesome and they are all set to take this run to the next level - we all just need to keep our fingers crossed that the body feels like running that morning.

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