Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boston Weekend

With Boston coming this Monday I need to express an opinion. This opinion might not be a popular one but it's my blog and I get to say what I feel :-).

I vote we keep all non qualifiers out of The Boston Marathon. Boston is for runners, for athletes who can qualify for the race, not for people running for a charity, doctors, or anyone else that's allowed in without a qualifying time.

Don't get me wrong - people that run for charities have done a ton to bring recognition to running and have done a ton to help those in need. They do great things by getting people involved in running that might not otherwise take the first step. I have coached for many charities and I have raised money for those same charities.

However, they have no place in the Boston Marathon. Boston is for the elite runners, those can run a qualifying standard set by the BAA. You shouldn't be able to run Boston by raising enough money, while that is a challenge too it is not close to having the pressure of running a qualifying time.

I know my vote and opinion is going to do nothing to change the policy the BAA has set - after all it is all about the money. However, I will never run Boston unless I have a qualifying time. I will not enter a lottery to get into a qualifying race, I will not raise money to get into a qualifying race, I will not get my PhD to get into a qualifying race.

I felt the same way when I didn't qualify for the Duathlon World Championships in 2009 but was offered a slot to go to the race by USAT. I felt I didn't do enough to qualify I was not going to enter the World Championships just to say I did it - I wanted to EARN it.

All of those running Boston this weekend (qualifiers and non qualifiers) best of luck to you - enjoy the race and have a wonderful weekend in Boston.

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Richard said...

Amen! I want to earn Boston, not get in through a backdoor. It is THE event and should be earned through the BQ. Charity slots are great...for other races.