Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Key West 50

My entry for the race in Key West went yesterday - I decided that the 100 miler would be too much this year and success would be more probable in the 50 miler. I have had some feet and Achilles issues and thought if I pounded them for 100 miles I would not recover in time to properly train for the IM in Spet. I figure a few days of partying in the keys after the 50 miler and I will be ready to put in the miles necessary for a solid IM in Sept.

I have a great crew heading to the Keys with me and have some great pacers coming along - I am going to see how fast I can run 50 miles. I have finished the race 2 times - winning it once and placing 3rd once. It's now time to throw caution to the wind and see how long and fast we can run from Marathon to KW.

There are some challenges with this race - the heat, the start time, the humidity, and the boredom. We will see how it goes.

I have been swimming, biking and running a lot to get ready. This weekend will be big miles again for me - 30 on Saturday, 20 on Sunday, and 20 on Monday, Wednesday will be a long track workout - 18 x 800 is the goal. After this weekend we will have a pretty good understanding of how the weekend will go.

Stay tuned.

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